Our Policy Coronavirus

We feel with your help and understanding we are happy to stay open at this time. Being on the water is one of the safest environments possible, and enables children and adults to remain active outdoors. Please read the following steps we are taking to minimize the risk of cross infection. All customers in group lessons whether adults or children will be on individual boards/boats We already sterilize wetsuits and buoyancy aids in a sterilizing solution after each use but an even more stringent policy will be put into effect. Changing rooms will be closed and changing will have to be done in or beside individual cars/vans. Toilets will still be open with hot water and soap available to use before and after entry. All on-shore instruction and simulator sessions will follow the advised procedure of keeping individuals 2 metres apart. We ask parents of children participating in activities to give them their own safety instructions about the coronavirus although we will, of course, be giving a safety and awareness talk when they arrive. The above steps, combined with the fact that sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding and kitesurfing are outdoor sports with no close contact necessary, means that we can continue to enjoy watersports activities in the safest environment possible. Check our facebook page for regular updates.
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