Wild Swimming in open water requires a certain amount of physical exertion, it is important that you consider your swimming ability before entering the water and ensure that you are capable and fit enough to swim in the lake unaided.

  • ALWAYS SIGN IN & OUT AT RECEPTION. See one of the Rye Watersports team to ensure you have been clocked on and off the water.
  • ALWAYS WEAR A TOW FLOAT. Tow Floats are compulsory and must be worn at all times. The tow float is essential in an emergency and will increase your visibility. 
  • WE DO NOT STOCK TOW FLOATS. Tow Floats are available to buy direct from the Swim Secure website.
  • ENTER & LEAVE THE WATER BY THE MARKER FLAG ON THE BOARD RACKS DOWN BY THE WATERS EDGE. Only use the bank to exit the lake in an emergency.
  • RAISE YOUR ARM FOR ATTENTION If you cannot reach the shore, holding your tow float for support, raise your arm and call for help.
  • WEAR THE RIGHT GEAR. Wear a wetsuit and BRIGHT swimming hat unless agreed prior to entering the water – this will help with your core body temperature.
  • KEEP TO THE MARKED SWIM CIRCUIT.  Enter the water by the flag. Swim clockwise out towards the marker buoys in front of the island, then head towards the right-hand bank around the second buoy marker, then back towards the board racks and your starting point. Our team will be happy to show you the course.