WingFoiling / WingSurfing near Rye East Sussex

 Rye Watersports is based on a large inland lake on the Kent and Sussex border near Camber Sands only one hour’s drive from London.   It is a perfect location for anyone learning watersports or for more experienced sailors to hone their skills. The flat inland lake makes it a safe place to learn but because it is only a short distance from the sea benefits from sea breezes. We are an accredited BKSA RYA centre and have been teaching on the lake since 1986.

WingSurfing, WingFoiling, WingBoarding are just some of the names given to this exciting new water sport! It shares similarities to many others you might be familiar with from SUPing to Windsurfing to Kitesurfing.  This thrilling sport opens up a whole new avenue of fun on the water. Unlike kitesurfing, with Winging there is no limit to where you can go, no lines, no harnesses just you, your wing and the board. Why not come down and try?

Winging is also loved by many due to how fast the progression is from ‘Learning to WingSurf‘, ‘Learning to WingFoil‘ to then taking your first flight is only a weekend course away!

RYA Learn to WingSurf – £99.00

Learn how to:

  • Rig/carry your WingSurf kit safely 
  • Flying the wing in the neutral position
  • Wing Walking 
  • Self Rescue techniques 
  • Sailing across the wind and turning around

Learn to WingSurf Course Details: 

  • 3hrs introduction to the sport!
  • 1:4 ratio
  • Pre-requisite for the ‘Improve your WingSurfing’ course


RYA Improve your WingSurfing – £99.00

Learn how to:

  • Steer the board
  • Make ground upwind
  • Do an improved Tack
  • Wing on all points of sail around the lake 

Improve your Windsurfing Course Details: 

  • 3 hours of tuition 
  • 1:4 Ratio 
  • Pre-Requisite for any WingFoiling Tuition 


RYA WingSurfing Private Tuition – £55.00

Learn any aspect of WingSurfing Privately: 

  • Bespoke tuition to meet your WingSurfing needs. 

Private Tuition Details: 

  • Call or email the office to get booked in
  • £55.00 per hour 
  • Book a 5 hour day for £250.00

RYA WingFoiling Private Tuition – £55.00 per hour

Learn any aspect of WingFoiling Privately: 

  • Rig a foil board 
  • Launching & Recovering WingFoil equipment. 
  • Getting your First Flights 
  • Controlled Landing 
  • Sustained Flights 
  • Steering while on the foil 

Private Tuition Details: 

  • Call or email the office to get booked in
  • £55.00 per hour 
  • Book a 5 hour day for £250.00
  • Must have completed RYA Improve your WingSurfing before going foiling


Q & A

Some common questions we often receive answered here.
Or please call the office on 01797 225238 if you have anything at all to ask.


Just a towel! We provide all wetsuits and personal safety equipment.
We recommend that all our lake users use some kind of footwear when on our courses. Wetsuit boots are the most appropriate and can be bought from our shop. (Jelly shoes, are inappropriate)
No matter, we use the latest equipment and teaching methods to ensure you are up and cruising at the earliest opportunity.